3iPET HUB Italia

3iPET is an international, intelligent, integrated and professional service platform for environmental technology. Based on the FECO's advantages in environmental technologies accumulated during the international cooperation on environmental protection, 3iPET focuses on key areas including air, water and soil pollution prevention control, energy saving and emission reduction, clean production, and implementation of environmental conventions. The platform adopts a model of“Internet + environmental technologies”and“online + offline”, in order to serve as a comprehensive service platform.


FECO is the Foreign Economic Cooperation Office of the Ministry of Environmental Protection of PRC and it was established in 1997, with the main tasks of organizing environmental convention research, participating in the negotiation of relevant environmental conventions, and undertaking specific technical and routine work of domestic convention implementation. Main functions of FECO are:

  • - Implementation of Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs);
  • - Bilateral and Multilateral Cooperation;
  • - Global Environmental Policy Studies; and
  • - International Consultancy and services.

Objectives of 3iPET


To increase communication and cooperation on environmental protection between China and other countries

To promote the strategies of“going global”and“bringing in”for environmental technologies and also industrialized development

To improve the environmental pollution control in China and the whole world

HUB Italy

After the agreement with the Foreign Economic Cooperation Office of the Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP/FECO), Ferrara Fiere Congressi, as organizer of Remtech Expo - the italian trade show for control, prevention and remediation of soil and water pollution (http://www.remtechexpo.com/en/) - is HUB Partner for Italy of 3iPET, the FECO's "international, intelligent, integrated and professional service platform for environmental technology"​

In order to give full force to the 3iPET HUB Italy, Ferrara Fiere Congressi established a strategic partnership with EEGEX - Energy Environment Global Exchange (http://www.eegex.com/index.php/en/) - the only Italian Scientific and Trade Association that is promoting transfer of technology and know-how between Italy and China in the industry.